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Well-thought-out, balanced, even-tempered, essential, soft and fluid, with its sophisticated, harmonious and logically structured forms is the font for everyday needs of advanced printing.

The 6 similarities between Helvetica® and Mondaine

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Focus on what really matters, uniting distinguished and timeless Swiss design with innovation, high craftsmanship and functionality providing a lifetime of reliability.


For many years, we and also Helvetica® have followed a simple idea: form and function in perfect harmony.


Ingenuity and simplicity are the elements which often distinguish an attractive piece of design from a truly iconic design classic.

Highly readable

Contrast, proportion and layout are core elements to form clearly, arranged and functional products for everyday use.

Worldwide known

Conceived in Switzerland, made for the world.


Uniqueness and unmistakability. This stringent design illustrates function and graphic tradition.


«The Mondaine Helvetica goes beyond mere visual identification; it is instinctive.»

André Bernheim
CEO Mondaine Watch Ltd.

Choosing the Helvetica® font as a muse, with its quintessentially Swiss values and style, has enabled the creation of a time-tested yet hamonious watch collection.

Just like the type font, Mondaine Helvetica is discreet, yet strong in the conviction of providing efficient time-keeping in a tempered recognizable form.

One font
Three styles
One axis

The Helvetica® number «1» with its famous curved crossbar has been used as a model for the lugs.


Where horology and technology meet

First ever Swiss-made smartwatch launched by iconic watch brand Mondaine

Inside this watch is the latest in smart technology focused on monitoring activity and sleep, featuring Motion Activity Tracking, Sleeptracking,Sleep cycle alarms, Get-Active alerts and Smart coaching - all the data can be backed up and stored in the Motion cloud

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Helvetica® is a widely used sans-serif typeface developed in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann.

«Helvetica® is a font of such practicality – and, its adherents would suggest, such beauty – that it is both ubiquitous and something of a cult.»

Simon Garfield - Just my type

«And Helvetica® maybe says everything, and that‘s perhaps part of its appeal.»

Jonathan Hoefler

«And I think i‘m right calling Helvetica® the Perfume of the city. It is just something we don‘t notice usually but we would miss very much if it wouldn‘t be there.»

Lars Müller

Thousands of companies got inspired by Helvetica® while creating their logos:

Lufthansa, Target, North Face, Nestlé, BMW, Samsung, 3M, Greyhound, Motorola, Kappa, evian, Energizer, and many more.



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